Toxic Goose Lays Golden Eggs 

A long time ago, in the 1950s, two professors of nutrition (Ancel Keys and John Yudkin) looked at the same population data and developed different theories on what was causing heart attacks or Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).  They both realized CAD was rare prior to 1900 and strangely had become the main cause of death.  They both thought diet was the cause.  Keys felt CAD was due to dietary fat and we should eat like Jack Sprat (who ate no fat).   Yudkin felt it was dietary sugar.  Like “global warming” the sugar theory was inconvenient.  Big Sugar & United Fruit Company interests and the research institutions and universities they donate to found the fat theory much preferable and convenient....look up Big Sugar and United Fruit Company.  

All publicity and funding for monetary reasons went to Key’s theory.  As a result, official long term studies on the effect of a high fructose diet are still not available.  But there is a huge unofficial trial or study most of us were involved in and unaware of.  I jokingly call it GUT One for Great Unappreciated Trial.  I unknowingly enrolled in 1975 when I bought into avoiding fat to prevent heart attacks. To replace the 40+% of the calories I lost by avoiding fat, I feed my hunger with healthy fruit sugar sodas and healthy juices.  Yes, the low fat diet quickly became the high fructose diet that John Yudkin feared. We MDs even worried about real Italians who kept eating lots of olive oil and thus had no interest in increasing their limited fruit and fruit sugar intake.  It was 1992 before I realized Mediterraneans had it right.  They avoided the huge increase in dietary fructose.  

Marketers in the 1970s provided us No-Fat, Low-Fat and Fat-Free options.  40% of our calories had been from fat.  So folks replaced fat calories with sugar from cane, beet, HFCS and fruit.  Guess what?   John Yudkin was right.  Dietary fructose does trigger CAD.  It triggers complexities that cause dysfunction of cells lining blood vessels.  But it also messes with other types of cells.  It screws up your appetite control centers.  Instead of maintaining the same weight, year after year without effort, you become less active and eat more than needed.  As a result experts now tell women they must watch calories and exercise every day to maintain a steady weight.  Some folks even become addicted to fructose.  We not only eat more fructose, we eat more of everything including
 fat.  Chronic disease conditions have become more common.  More disease including obesity and diabetes is bankrupting health-care.   

Experiment materializes potential terror of a high fructose diet. 
By pushing no-fat, health advisers in the 1970s enrolled most Americans including me in the second Great Unappreciated Trial or GUT- 2.  (GUT-1 was a medium fructose diet that Americans started around 1900 and still goes unappreciated.  see .  GUT-2 materialized the potential terror of a high fructose diet on Americans.  It is now spreading globally. If you have another theory that explains it all, please tell me.  I have not found it in 20 years of searching.  It is even becoming obvious to lay persons that high dietary fructose is triggering obesity, diabetes, fatty liver, metabolic syndrome and increasing incidence of many disease.  

A moderate dietary fructose increase in the early 1900’s made CAD the major killer by 1945. We are now learning what a high dietary fructose can do.   With all our geniuses and knowledge, why isn’t the public warned?  Why do we only hear about endless observational theories that try to explain the increase in obesity and chronic disease without mentioning fructose?  Why does dietary fructose have human rights?  Food additive, do not.  Why have expert health advisers done this to the world? 

WHY?  Dietary fructose is the toxic goose that lays golden eggs.
  The goose is very toxic and should have been killed 100 years ago.  The real problem is she lays GOLDEN EGGS!  Golden eggs in our society have great personal, political and monetary value. Egg collectors value eggs far above the human value of preventing suffering and early death caused by the goose.  “Egg Collectors” have no problem influencing governments to protect the toxic goose.  No problem saying, “If you replace HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) with natural cane sugar all is well.”  No Problem saying all carbohydrates and all sugars are the same because they are all immediately turned into glucose by the liver.  No problem saying the fructose in HFCS is different than fructose from fruit, vegetables or cane sugar. Egg collectors will fight putting the amount of fructose present per serving on food labels. They excel at getting experts and researchers to tell you dietary fructose is not a problem.  Like Big Tobacco, Egg Collectors will hide the fact that dietary fructose, like cigarettes,  may be injurious to your health.  They will not provide fructose free alternatives to foods loaded with fructose unless
 they have to.  They will burn records that would suggest they knew dietary fructose is toxic. 

So who are the Egg Collectors protecting the toxic goose? Not everyone collects eggs, but if you do, you probably won't kill the toxic goose.  So the goose continues to lay for drug companies and endless medical and alternative treatments. It lays for exercise and weight loss services, products, books and gurus.  It lays for all food producers including the artificial sweetener industry. It lays for the supplement, whole food and organic food complexes, even politicians and researchers.  Few paid experts and health advisers want to even realize let alone tell us dietary fructose is the reason for our poorer health and health-care failure.  It is safer and seems more profitable to push exercise, calorie counting, smaller portions, organic foods and whole foods.  More profitable to go with the flow and blame our problems on scape goats called fast food, lack of exercise, low income and high fructose corn syrup.  I suspect most of the folks that pushed “No Fat” in the 70s and 80s meant well as they followed dietary and government experts. I think we have far more Egg Collectors now.  

Watch the following video.  Remember the problem is dietary fructose.  It is not the sugar called glucose, the fuel that powers our brains and muscles.

Realize that the marketer's Fat Free options created the high fructose diet and the rational counter is for them to give us Fructose Free options of our favorite foods.  

Fortunately there are simple healthy answers that will be most effective with children early on.  They may be what you are pushing, they may not.  Please be wise.  Teach your kids this is a goose to avoid.  Remember, Egg collectors today are clever.  They will not kill the toxic goose known as dietary fructose. They will protect her. 

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